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To meet the expectations of our clients, we have developed a comprehensive offer of real estate related services.
Free financial consultancy – mortgage loans

We offer comprehensive solutions

Do not risk your money without checking your creditworthiness first.

Our independent credit loan advisers will check your creditworthiness absolutely free.

Our objective is to provide professional support in obtaining financing to purchase real estate. In our thorough analysis of a client’s needs and ability, we recommend the most optimum credit loan solutions. Thanks to their knowledge of analysis processes, our loan specialists are able to reduce the time needed to obtain a loan.

We accompany our clients throughout the process of obtaining a loan: from presenting various offers to signing an agreement.

We guarantee that:

  • you will have a choice of an optimum credit offer taking into account personal needs and preferences,
  • all credit issuance procedures and formalities will be explained to you so that you can feel comfortable and confident when taking this important decision,
  • you will get help in gathering credit documents and filling in and filing loan applications with the banks,
  • the process of a bank making loan issuing decisions will be monitored while keeping you informed about the course of the analysis,
  • we will negotiate the best price terms possible,
  • the whole credit loan transaction is finalized: which means that you get an appointment to see a bank representative and that the phase of discharging the loan is monitored.
Interior design and home staging

We offer comprehensive solutions

We cooperate with a team of architects and designers whose services we can recommend to our clients without the slightest hesitation. They will suggest how to best arrange the space you have and propose various interesting and functional solutions. We approach each project individually: each interior we create is unique.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

We know how important it is to showcase a given property in the leasing or selling process. How soon and for what price it will be leased or sold depends on the first impression. Home staging means preparation of a property at the lowest possible expense so that the property can meet the requirements and expectations of the largest possible number of potential buyers. There are a great number of offers on the market and demanding customers pay attention to every detail. Don’t give them a reason to ignore yours!


This service is addressed to those who are unable to take care of their own property for whatever reason. We offer comprehensive services that will relieve you from the burden of the everyday issues connected with leasing your property.

What does it include?

  • Representing the owner in all matters before the housing association, your tenant, and other entities and offices.
  • On-going contact with the administrator of the building in which your apartment is located
  • Carrying out necessary repairs: ordering, supervision, settling bills, and other formalities.
  • organizing technical services to remove all defects and to keep the property in flawless condition
  • Regular checks of the leased property
  • Receiving requests, letters, and handling tenants’ enquires
  • Emptying letterboxes
  • Other needs